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Climate change, seed treatment regulations, weeds, bird and insect attacks - all these and many other factors can severely impact the development of the maize plant at its most vulnerable vegetative stages.

New solution BOOST & GO is an association of four cumulative action modes, operating at different times to preserve the genetic potential during early stages.

The first mode is crop protection, where Lidea want to help the plant against the main pests. Lidea has included Redigo against fungi, Poncho against insects, and Korit against birds. 

The second mode of action is related to a proper provision of the right nutrients. In BOOST & GO, Lidea have added a combination of essential nutrients for the early stages of corn growth. In this way, we are boosting emergence. 

Then there is the biostimulant mode of action. This was added to the mix to support the development of the plant. Through a better root development, the seedling is better able to use the mineral elements that are available in the soil. 

And last but not least, grains have a very specific coating. This new approach provides a better repartition of the products around the seeds, and provides more security for the user because of a better dust control. 

According to your need, we offer following options of the BOOST & GO solution:

  • BOOST & GO Bird - protection from the bird attacks;
  • BOOST & GO Insect - protection from the insect attacks;
  • BOOST & GO Bio - seed protection with organic components;
  • BOOST & GO Prime - biostimulant, nutrients, special coating.